Hollis Thoms, Composer
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Isaac (2011) and Adam and Eve (2018)

Isaac (2011) for four soloists, treble choir, organ and percussion was premiered by the Bach Concert Series under the direction of T. Herbert Dimmock. The performance was October 7, 2012 at Christ Lutheran Church Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland. Jason Thoms sang the part of Abraham, Treva Foss, the part of Sarah, Kristopher Jean the narrator part and Jacqueline Thoms, the part of Isaac. 

The Bach Concert Series has premiered two other of my works: Passion (2007) for soloists, singers, chamber ensemble, marimba and harpsichord-a 90 minute work on the Passion of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Nicodemus, and "...and did the world with devils swarm" (2016), an opera to commemorate Martin Luther's 500th anniversary of the nailing of the 95 theses, for soloists, singers, and chamber ensemble.

On November 3, 2019, 4pm at Christ Lutheran Church Inner Harbor, the Bach Concert Series under the direction of T. Herbert Dimmock will once again premiere a new work of mine, Adam and Eve, based on John Milton's Paradise Lost, for four singers, woodwind quintet, double bass and harp. Jason Thoms, sings the part of Adam, Sarah Bleasdale, the part of Eve, and Kristopher Jean and Maria Sheehan the part of the Serpent. Bach Cantata 165 will also be presented, which focuses on the Adam and Eve story and baptism.

Part I

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