Hollis Thoms, Composer
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Memoirs: Through Music and Texts by Hollis Thoms has recently been published and is available to purchase. The book also includes a CD of three works by Hollis Thoms: Trio 1, featuring Sonja (Thoms) Winkler, oboe; Trio 2, featuring Jonas Thoms, horn; and, Silence, a song cycle based on eleven poems by Hollis Thoms performed by Jason Thoms and Treva Foss.

Memoirs is a narrative about Hollis' composing life as seen through some of his major dramatic musical and poetic works. It is divided into thirteen chapters: texts and music, music without texts, texts without music, and texts as music. The book is 167 pages and has many photographs and illustrations. 

It describes the composing and performance of each of the larger works and includes the texts that Hollis created for these dramatic and poetic works. Since Hollis created the librettos and poetry along with the music for these larger works and so there was an interplay of muses. 

To order a copy, send a $15 check for each copy of the book,  payable to "Hollis Thoms" . Send check to: Hollis Thoms, 1800A Monocacy View Circle, Frederick, MD 21701. Make sure to include your address on the check or on a separate sheet of paper. Shipping is free. 

Below is one of the movements from the song cycle Silence, which is a setting of "Amazing Grace" sung by Jason Thoms and Treva Foss.