Hollis Thoms, Composer
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​​Silence (2000) is a song cycle based on eleven poems that I wrote in 1979. Jason, seen above, was five years old then, and, in 2000, he along with his wife, Treva, gave the premiere performance of the song cycle at a concert of my music on August 20, 2000 at Salem Lutheran Church, Glendale, California.

The poems were written in 1979 when Jacki and I were living in Stratton, Colorado, a rural community near the Colorado-Kansas border. It was a town of 800. Jacki taught elementary school music and I taught English and music at the junior and senior high school. We lived in a farmhouse, seen above, 11 miles away from town on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. The poems reflect my interaction with the sparse, high plains environment, at once hostile and beautiful. For a city person this year in the wilderness was quite a change and the poems are a response to this experience.  Here are three songs from that cycle.

A Storm

Amazing Grace